long island power washing

are amazon verified reviews real

are amazon verified reviews real

our power washing technology combines your house-hold water with our environmentally safe cleansers which not only clean the surface, but also resist future mildew growth. the power washing cleansers we use are perfectly safe for all flowers, lawns and shrubs. a high-pressure water rinse follows the cleansing process to remove any excess dirt, grime, mold, mildew, weather marks, oxidation, loose or flaking paint and other contaminants. pressure washing is important for removal of excess debris.

our staff of highly trained and experienced power washing and pressure washing personnel take every precaution to make sure that each power washing process goes smoothly and without damage. proudly serving long island, ny.

are amazon verified reviews real

our process is perfect for cleaning the following:

  • wood siding, decks, roofs, awnings and gutters.
  • stone buildings, monuments, patios and driveways.
  • aluminum, vinyl and steel siding.
  • trucks, tractors and heavy equipment.
  • concrete/brick floors, walls, pavers and buildings.
  • manufacturing plants and warehouses.
  • are amazon verified reviews real

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